Psychotherapy in English and Portuguese


“Life should be a continuous celebration, a festival of lights the whole year round. Only then you can grow up, you can blossom. Transform small things into celebration. Everything that you do should be expressive of you; it should have your signature on it. Then life becomes a continuous celebration.” (Osho)



Hello, I am Renata! Welcome! I appreciate your visit!

I am a Brazilian psychologist who lives in Denmark and I offer psychotherapy in English and Portuguese.




52954538195e2357b745a34c95ece4bfWhy psychotherapy?


Human beings are complex and multidimensional. In many moments of our lives, our deepest needs are not fulfilled because we constantly have to respond to common social demands.

The therapist works with the difficulties associated with the internal conflicts of the individual. Conflicts that can produce discomfort in our daily life and in our relationships.

The psychotherapeutic process sheds light into ourselves, rescues us from our inner prisons, develops our autonomy and our strength to live a more authentic and happy life.

The re-connection with our essence, the joy of being who we really are and the release of our spontaneity-creativity are all connected to the path towards self-knowledge. Psychotherapy leads to the knowledge and appropriation of ourselves.



What can be treated by psychotherapy?


Stress, anxiety, depression, difficulties related to self-esteem, body, social integration and intimate relationship issues are examples of topics that may bother us. These issues can be treated in psychotherapy.

The therapist’s job is to assist the client in understanding and transforming the frustrations and annoyances that limit our potential to create a healthy life. This is a spontaneous-creative process.

In my personal view, the therapist is the one who walks together with the client in the development of true self-esteem. It’s a process that goes far beyond social masks, family and sociocultural demands that we internalize in our lifetime.




What is important when you choose therapy and a therapist?


There are several approaches in the area of psychology. Each of them has particular methods and specific techniques. However, the most effective psychotherapeutic process is the one where the client is committed to the treatment and the bond with the psychologist is created – a relationship based on empathy and trust in the therapeutic relationship.



So, I invite you to look inside yourself, be aware of where you are in your moment of life and wonder in what direction you want to walk.

I am available to work together with you, if this is your wish.